Rafael Novoa

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About Rafael

Rafael's influences started at a young age growing up between Europe and the U.S. Being from Madrid, Spain his family would vacation for the entire summer to Europe where he spent numerous hours in museums, castles, and old villages. His passion for Architecture, art, antiquities, and urban development thus began.!

Rafael started his career as an architect, where he worked for many notable firms including Frank Gehry in Germany, Diener & Diener, and S.O.M. in Switzerland. His passion for Interior design grew as the influence of art and antiquities held a void. He developed his Interior design company in 1998 and began this journey.!

Rafael juxtaposes old world European elements of design with a contemporary to minimalist direction of style. His layered approach and ability to mix and isolate both extreme styles bring an exciting aesthetic. Rafael’s signature is recognizable by a collection of deep rich colors, textural fabrics, and unusual object d’art. Likewise his talents enable him to create environments that are sparsely filled with a focus on functional and unique pieces.! Rafael Novoa interior design caters to residential and commercial projects.

"Nothing is in good taste unless it suits the way you live." - Billy Baldwin

How We Work

Rafael Novoa Interior Design is a full service residential and commercial based design firm with offices located in Bucks County and Philadelphia.!

RNID maintains a strong understanding of architecture and residential design from the initial drawings to construction supervision. We work within budgets and will offer hourly services to full contractural agreements starting with a single room to an entire house as well as exterior landscape design including pools and outdoor living structures. Rafael maintains direct relations throughout the projects development assuring the most professional complete consideration of a clients’ project from the very beginning to the last detail.!

RNID will also undergo commercial projects such as office lobbies to office headquarters of 30,000 to 50,000 sq. ft. as well as restaurants and boutique hotels.!

Our professional staff work closely to provide a clear understanding of the step by step process throughout the project.!

RNID can easily be contacted by calling the office, email or directly calling Rafael. An initial phone interview to discuss your project and then set up a meeting at your home or commercial location. A contractural agreement will be sent to you outlining the scope of work for your project and our design fees.

Once we have developed a contract agreement work begins on your design. A presentation of drawings, furnishings, fabrics, flooring , wall covering /colors etc. with a projected budget. Once both parties are on board we then begin the process of ordering establishing tracking and installation until completion.

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